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Wood Chipping

Wee Chip Cowichan Handful of Pine Wood Chips

Chipping is the best way to reduce branches and other tree and bush clippings to a very small size making them easy to move and creating a useful ground cover that will help control weeds, retain moisture and help control the soil temperature in the hot dry summers we are now experiencing.

Our Wee Chip Cowichan chipper has the ability to create wood chips and mulch that are ideal for flower beds, paths, gardens and other areas that are in need of landscaping. With our ability to chip the customer’s branches etc it will save having to buy an annual supply of mulch and chips and with our chipper we can blow the mulch/chips close to the area or right into the area where it’s required thus saving endless wheelbarrow trips.

With the mix of branches, leaves, berries, etc the combination help to release Nitrogen back into the soil at a much faster rate than if they are left to break down on their own. When the chips/mulch break down the break down process creates heat and helps to regulate the soil temperature. The chip/mulch mix also helps to retain moisture and slow the evaporation rate which is very important now with our hot dry summers. With the aid in retaining moisture there is more water for the plants which means less watering an d a water savings for the customer. The chip/mulch mix also helps to insulate the surrounding soil from the high heat that we are now experiencing in the summers.

chipping mulching
If you have a pile of branches in need of chipping , we can get the job done.

Do you have a pile of branches that are in need of chipping, we can get the job done.

Chip Trim Ends
Chip Mill slabs

We can also chip trim ends and slabs from small sawmills.

Our adjustable chute means we can direct the discharge of the product to area in a 360 degree radius. Which allows us to get our chipper into any restricted areas, as long as we can back out, we can get out.

  • Our chipper is designed to chip and not shred. Piles that are very old and have started the decaying process may need to be left in a composting pile.
  • Our chipper does not like rocks or other foreign material. We have been running into issues where rocks have worked their way into the pile and then go through the chipper damaging the knives.

We are a Green company and we will do our utmost to work with our customers to have as smallest impact on the environment as possible. Our chipper is very efficient and we don’t run it any longer than absolutely necessary thus keeping our emissions and noise to a minimum.

Please do not hesitate to call us, if you are unsure of what you have can be chipped or if you would like a free estimate.

Please note we will endeavor to work with our customers to try and help save them money. We can always stop by and show you how best to stack their materials thus saving us time and you money.


These pictures are what can be done with the chippings/mulch that we get. This area was done from a load from our trailer which holds about 1 yard. This area is approximately 4-6 inches deep. If you’re looking to spruce up an area, we charge $100 for a trailer load delivered.

Please call ahead as our mulch doesn’t stay available for long.

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