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Wee Chip Cowichan Joins
Fast Eddy’s Tree Work

Leo Gillespie Fast Eddy's Tree Service

Wee Chip Cowichan and Fast Eddy’s Tree Work offers residential and small business chipping, mulching, trimming, and danger tree assessments, climber, and certified tree faller services. We offer services that are affordable and convenient.

We take pride in knowing we are an Eco-Friendly business. Our chipper is the state of the art with a fuel-efficient gas motor meeting all California and Canadian emission standards. We use biodegradable oil in our chainsaws and all our equipment is kept in top running condition thus helping to reduce fuel consumption and exhaust. Our chipper is lightweight thus using less fuel to tow it.

“Our Mission is to offer a service to home owners so that we can try to reduce or eliminate the need for burning branches and left overs from pruning.”- Leo Gillespie

The Cowichan Valley, as well as other jurisdictions, are now recognizing the negative effects of burning. There are more and more people suffering from various heart and lung conditions that become isolated in their homes on days when there is a lot of smoke in the valley. Living in a valley the smoke tends to hang around longer.

Wee Chip Cowichan chipping the safe way

Wee Chip Cowichan / Fast Eddy's Tree Work

Offering an affordable Eco-friendly alternative.



Certified Tree Faller, Danger Tree Assessments, Climber, Chipping, Limbing, Trimming, and Pruning Services

Based in the Cowichan Valley.
Proudly serving all surrounding areas.

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