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Chipper For Hire

We offer a Residential chipping service. Our chipper can chip from 1 inch to 6 inches. We can also chip slabs up to 12 inches. We haul away the clippings and leave the area as clean as possible. We can also leave the clippings for the Home owner simply by turning the discharge chute. We consider anything big than 6 inches in diameter to be firewood and we can remove that as well.

We are also Licensed, Insured and Bonded Danger Tree Assessments and Climber, so we can also limb and remove those pesky branches hanging over the power lines to the Residence.

Our chipper is light weight and our side by side has a small footprint so if a homeowner has a particular area where they want the chipping done we will endeavour to get our chipper into that area. We can also do hedge trimming depending on the soil condition, height, width and species. In these cases, it’s best we take a look at your proposed area first and give you a courtesy call and a free estimate.

Wee Chip Cowichan Chipper For Hire

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Wee Chip Cowichan Chipper For Hire
Wee Chip Cowichan Chipper For Hire

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