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How To Properly Stack For Cost Effective Chipping.

There are two ways to stack material for chipping, the right and the wrong way. The Right Way will cut my time and work in half which means its far more economic for you. Stacking the Wrong Way will add more time and work on my end causing you to unnecessarily pay more.

Cost Effective Chipping


Cost Effective Chipping


These 2 pictures tell a story. Both piles have about the same foot print and same amount of material. The neatly stacked pile took 1 hour to chip. The messy pile took 3.5 hours to chip because I had to work at pulling the pile apart and cut over sized branches. If a customer wants to save money make sure the material is neatly stacked with the butt ends facing out. Time is money. The longer it takes me to a pull a pile apart the more it costs.