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Trimming & Pruning

Wee Chip Cowichan Hedge Trimming Duncan Nanaimo

We have experience at pruning some trees but not all. This is a service that we really have to have a prior look at before doing or quoting. We are able to limb trees to about 12 feet.  Being that Wee Chip Cowichan is a licensed Electrical Contractor we are able to clear those pesky branches that are over hanging the electrical wires to the house.

Once again our core business is chipping and we encourage that the home owner prunes their own fruit trees and ornamental trees. We have found that most home owners that have well established trees want to do the work themselves because they have a particular way of doing it. We can be there to help and remove the branches and debris as they hit the ground.

Although we have trimmed many hedges we have to be careful with the jobs we take on. We’d have to have a look at the hedge first to make sure that we can safely do the job. We are restricted by height, width and especially the ground condition.  And of course we need to know that you are the actual owner of the hedge. You’d be surprised how many people try and trim their neighbours hedges. At the present time we are not set up to carry any large ladders and we do not have a bucket truck at this time.

Our goal is to always safely do our very best and provide customer satisfaction.

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