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Offers Alternatives To Backyard Burning

When Doug Bruce Kitchen ended up with large burn piles on his property after a windstorm, he decided he would rather have them chipped than add to air pollution by burning them.

That idea caught on with many who are concerned with local air quality, as well as those who just wanted someone to come on their properties and deal with their woody waste, and Doug Bruce Kitchen formed Wee Chip Cowichan.

Doug Bruce Kitchen is also an electrician, and his business offers chipping, mulching and trimming services for residential and small businesses, as well as electrical contractor services.

Backyard burning is banned completely in a number of local municipalities, and North Cowichan is currently reviewing its policies.

Moves have been made by various groups in the last few years for all areas of the Cowichan Valley to implement a full ban on backyard burning, largely due to health concerns.

“We provide an alternative to backyard burning, and business has really taken off as word is getting out there about what we do,” Doug Bruce Kitchen said.

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